Josh Ashley has created art in various forms almost all of his life. He was born in Alabaster, Alabama in 1973 and moved to Mobile in 1997. Until recently, his art was only seen by a few close friends. Interest started to grow and the normally very private artist actually began to enjoy the attention that his work was receiving and decided to make his art available to more people. His creativity is driven by emotion and so
is neither precise nor organized. These are snapshots of a moment of inspiration. He creates it as he feels it. Since these pieces come from such an honest and personal place, you will most likely love his work or just look at it strangely wondering what in the world could have been going on when he
created it. Perhaps what he hopes most is that you will find something in what he creates that touches a familiar chord somewhere within you or maybe even makes you feel something that you've never felt before.
August 14
LODA artwalk
Blue Velvet Studio
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